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For Years She Thought That It Was Just a Mole. Then Her Doctor Told That It Isn’t What She Yanks Out? Unbelievable!


The process of aging is something very natural, which is often accompanied by a lot of changes. This includes the stamina, strength, vision, and skin.

The natural changes that happen in cells, can slow them down, as well as alert their capacity. Moreover, as the time passes, your skin thins and becomes less flexible, as well as more fragile with a simultaneous decrease of fatty tissue just below the skin. So, the things that once seemed so tiny, may turn up to be bigger than they look, after some period.

In this article, we are going to talk about blackheads. The following case is about one 86 years old woman, which has grown blackhead on her back. This is also not a rare case. The little clack mole on her back, has enlarged in an unnoticeable enormous size.

Dr. Sandra Lee, also known as “Dr. Pimple Popper”, deals very successfully with this kind of things. She has also succeeded in getting out the giant blackhead, without any problem or complication.
After the operation was made, she offered the woman to take a look at her little monstrosity, but she refused to do so. She could not bear to even look at it.

She also said that the hole which was left didn’t look good and she is willing to excise the enlarged pore and place a couple stitches so it won’t look so big.

There is a video below, so you can check it and see it yourself.

Source: http://healthyhouseideas.com