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Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men? (It’S Related To Their Ability To Multi-Task)


Sleep is one of the most important things for our body to get rest and regain its strength. According to a study, women need more sleep than men, so the recommended sleeping time doesn’t vary only by age but also by gender.

Sleep is as important as food. The body needs to get rest and take a good sleep so it can get energy for starting the following day. To prevent cardiovascular diseases and boost the immune system and libido, as well as to prevent weight gain, your body needs to take a real moment of rest by sleeping.

A good night sleep can be very good for the health. But, on the other hand, less sleeping can be the reason for many diseases, which can affect many aspects in life. A person that doesn’t take the rest that our body needs, can lose the concentration and can become tired and less productive. Another issue that the lack of sleep can cause is premature aging of our skin. It also impacts the nervous system and cognitive performance. It can cause a lot of diseases on a long term, such as diabetes type 2.

Depending on the age, the need for sleep varies from time to time. It also depends from the lifestyle. For example, babies or little children need 9 to 11 hours of sleep, and adults have to sleep average 8 hours per night. But this period is not the same for both genders.

There was a study recently that was about that women need more sleep than men. Some researchers from the Duke University, US have discovered that the female gender is more vulnerable to lack of sleep, as it has much more effect and physical and mental consequence on them than men.

This discovery can help a lot of women that have health issues, or have higher risks for developing heart diseases, depression and other psychological problems.

According to a member of the research team, it is proven that short sleep for women is closely linked with with high levels of psychological distress, greater feelings of hostility, depression and anger.

This is not linked with men too, even though they have the same level of lack of sleep.

One of the researchers says: ” This is the first empirical evidence that corroborates our findings on the role of gender and its effects on sleep and health.”

According to the study, women with sleep disruption exhibit a high level of interleukin-6 and c-reactive protein (CRP), markers of inflammation which can be very dangerous for our health, and can develop cardiovascular diseases.

– Why women need more sleep than men?

When it comes to counting the sleeping hours a person needs, experts say that this largely depends on how much energy we spent daily.

According to them, women spend more energy than men.

During a period of deep sleep, the cerebral cortex, which plays an important role in memory functions and other nerve functions, goes into recovery mode.

So, you will need more recovery time and therefore sleep if you use your brain more and more.

Because women have more ability to multitask, they use their brain more than man.

– Few ways of making your sleep better

Sleeping problems are becoming increasingly more common and it faces the current lifestyle.

You need to have good routine before going to bad in order to have a good sleep. You will need to adopt some habits to improve the quality of your sleep.

Follow the next few habits and you will have much better sleep:

– Avoid caffeine stimulants at night;

– Avoid naps longer than 30 minutes;

– Turn off the lights in your room;

– Use your bed for sleep and not to watch TV;

– Go to bed at a set time.