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Most Women Miss These 3 Early Signs of Cervical Cancer!


Maybe this sounds scary, but those women that have early cervical cancers and pre-cancer phases, don’t experience any symptoms, until the cancer comes to its invasive state.

The symptoms can only appear when the cancer grows in the nearby tissues and becomes a real threat. In order to find and treat cervical cancer, common pap screenings are very important, as well as for some other reproductive cancers, like the ovarian cancer, in its early stages.

It is also highly important in between these pap screenings, to know and be aware of the following early signs or cervical cancer:

1. Irregular bleeding

The first and one of the most common symptoms of cervical cancer symptoms is irregular v@ginal bleeding, which is also a symptom that many women simply shrug off thinking that it is nothing serious and worrying. These kind of bleeding may appear after having s*x and between periods. But, besides irregular bleeding, your menstrual bleeding will become heavier, and will last longer than usually.

This is the major and most common symptom of cervical cancer, which makes it important that we should never skip our routine check – up.

2. Unusual v@ginal discharge

There can be several types of v@ginal discharge, which represent an early sign of cervical cancer. In the lines below, we will show you some of the characteristics of a discharge, which can be a warning sign:

– Watery;
– Pale;
– Foul-smelling;
– Brown;
– Mixed with blood.

3. Pelvic pain

When you feel some pain during intercourse, it may be a sign of cervical cancer. This usually signals some abnormal changes in the cervix as cervical cancer can be spread within the pelvis.

Some other signs of cervical cancer, but in more advanced stage

Although the above mentioned signs are usually shrugged off or women don’t notice them, here we are going to present you some symptoms that you will experience when you have a cervical cancer but in more advanced stage:

– Weight Loss;
– Back or pelvic pain;
– Fatigue;
– Swelling in 1 or both legs;
– Obstruction and difficulty going to the bathroom.

What is actually putting you at risk?

When you see and know of the early warning signs, it can help you in preventing it, but knowing which are the factors for its cause, is a big plus because it will help you in staying safe from it.

Here are some of the most common causes for cervical cancer:

– Having multiple s*xual partners;
– Smoking;
– Having intercourse with a man who had a partner that suffered from cervical cancer;
– Having intercourse for the 1st tine at a young age;
– If your mother has used DES (diethylstilbestrol) during pregnancy;
– Compromised immune system.

According to the cautions of the American Cancer Society, the above mentioned signs can be caused by some conditions different from cervical cancer however it makes it highly important that you stay up to date with your health and schedule regular appointment with a healthcare professional.

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