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Woman Be Careful! Stop Constantly Doing These 7 Things Your V*gina Hates!


Every women in the world should be concerned about her vaginal health.

You will know if your vaginal area is healthy if it is naturally acidic and contains rich amounts of beneficial germs that assist ward off infections and maintain a normal pH level.

Another thing that the healthy vagina will also produce is little amounts of discharge to keep itself tidy, as well as production of saliva, to help cleaning the mouth. If there is any interference with this typical conditions, than there is a possibility of vaginal inflammation or infection. Here are the best ways for keep your vagina healthy.

1. Clean it well

The vulva naturally produces thick oils which help in safeguarding its delicate skin from secretions and friction to which it is exposed every day. Scrub those oils with harsh cleaners like body washes or douches with dyes, scent, or surfactants, so your vulva will be more vulnerable to irritations. But in that way you will eliminate the excellent germs that help in maintaining the pH and will make a space for odor- and infection-causing germs to move in. Because of that, tidy your vulva with warm water and by hand and leave it like that.

2. Use feminine health products

Some products that tidy, deodorize and groom the area are the best when left in the pharmacy. The use of fragrances,
dyes, chemicals, preservatives, and anti-itch anesthetics is not needed, because they can cause allergies. Vulvar skin is very delicate because it is tinner then the skin of the other parts of our body. So, all you actually need for maintaining it clean is water – says Libby Edwards, MD, chief of dermatology at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

3. You haven’t found Vaseline

Dr. Edwards recommends to moisturize your vulva if it is irritated. Similar to other areas of your body, your vulva as well cannot be dry, except if you are not in menopause yet. But don’t reach for a regular body cream, which is normally loaded with drying alcohol and irritation-causing fragrances. Try replacing all that with a small dot of fundamental petroleum jelly, like Vaseline, which is complimentary of scent, alcohol, and preservatives.

4. Wear cotton underwear or go commando

When it comes to preferences, your genital are prefers cotton. That’s why most of the underclothing comes with a thin strip of cotton material in the crotch. A doctor, scientist and professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale University, named Mary Jane Minkin M.D. says that it is the ideal way for clothing your genital parts, because it breathes and soaks up wetness. Minkin states that you can feel complimentary to go commando so you can let things air out, while lying around your house. That’s why it is recommended to not going to the gym because you’ll want that extra layer in between you and germy fitness center devices.

5. You shave, wax or use depilatories

A lot of women in the world guard their razor in the shower, which is a warm and dump environment, as well as a great place for bacteria multiplying. That is a recipe for infection that will happen the next time you nick yourself.
But you don’t have to nix your razor entirely. All you will need to do is just use a natural shaving cream like Pacific Shaving Company 100% natural Shaving Cream, which does not contain none of the annoying chemicals and scents found in conventional foams. Also use a brand new blade each time you shave.

Some alternative hair removing approaches can cause you trouble too. Vulvar skin is very sensitive to the irritating harsh hair-dissolving chemicals in depilatories. Waxing can be also dangerous, but especially when it is done improperly it can burn the skin.
So the safest way for hair removing will be with laser hair removal or just cut it with the little scissors.

6. Work it out

Doing Kegels could be very important for enhancing your pelvic flooring muscles, which are key to producing more powerful and mind-blowing orgasms, but not to point out bladder control.

7. Accept Greek yogurt

Dr. Minkin also says that snacking on yogurt with live cultures, enhances the great germs in your hoo-ha, which is all around fantastic for preventing irritating vaginal problems like yeast infections. What can make you more prone to those infections is noshing on the super-sugary kind, so be very careful.