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How To Whiten Teeth Naturally In 7 Amazing Ways


One of the first things that other people notice on us, are our teeth. Besides the fact that they are a sign of health, they are also a sign of confidence. Who doesn’t want to have white and beautiful teeth?

According to one study, it has been found that half of people who used chemical whiteners experienced painful side effects. They included blistered gums and tooth pain. Some of the patients even reported searing pain simply from air exposure while opening their mouths because their gums became very sensitive.So how can we whiten teeth in a natural way?

The good news about this is that you won’t need to use some harsh chemicals, as there are a lot of ways to whiten our teeth in a natural way.

Some of the reasons why our teeth turn beige, yellow, or brown are:

– Smoking cigarettes;
– Drinking tea or coffee;
– Eating a poor diet;
– Thinning tooth enamel due to aging;
– Suffering from dry mouth (saliva protects the enamel);
– Having blocked nasal passages and breathing through mouth;
– Genetic factors;
– Excessive fluoride intake;
– Antibiotic use.

7 home remedies for whitening our teeth in natural way

1. Coconut oil pulling

This one is a very old remedy and a lot of people claim that it is very helpful in whitening the teeth. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties, and it contains lauric acid which can rid your teeth of bacteria, promote gum health, and help keep your breath fresh. There was a study published in the Journal of Contemporary Dental Hygiene in which it has been found that oil-pulling therapy is safe, as well as natural, and it does not have any side effects.

– Take little less than one teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth;
– For 5 to 20 minutes, pull it and swish it between your teeth.

There is also another option, by adding a few drops of coconut oil to your toothbrush and brush it on, or to add it to clean wash cloth and rub the teeth with it.

2. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has antibacterial properties and it works as a gum and mouth cleaner. It also keeps the mouth free of germs. To use it as a mouth rinse:

– Use half water and half peroxide;
– Swish it in your mouth for about one minute period;
– Rinse well.

According to some researches, because of acting as natural antibacterial/antiseptic agent hydrogen peroxide eliminates bad bacteria and keeps our breath fresh.

In order to make a paste for removing plaque from teeth, you should mix a small amount of baking soda with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. The amount of hydrogen peroxide should be enough, as the soda is a gritty substance like sand paper and can scrub the enamel right off your teeth. So, be sure that the paste should be runnier, not stiff. When the paste is ready, rub your teeth for 30 seconds and then rinse well.

3. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar does not only work as a natural antibiotic, but it also helps in removing stains on teeth such as from nicotine and coffee. Some studies suggest that as a natural teeth whitener it is efficient just as well as commercial products. The secret of the apple cider vinegar is in its high content of acetic acid, as well as magnesium, potassium, enzymes and probiotics which can kill the bad bacteria in our mouth and nurture the growth of good bacteria.

So, in order to whiten your teeth with apple cider vinegar in a natural way, you must be consistent, and to use it continuously at least for a month. After brushing with apple cider vinegar, rinse out your mouth.

4. Activated charcoal

This one is an absorbing product, which traps toxins inside the body. It can also help in the whitening of teeth naturally by absorbing microscopic tidbits and plaque that cause staining.

– Dip your toothbrush into an activated charcoal powder;
– Brush your teeth as you brush them normally, especially at the most stained areas;
– Swish thoroughly through your mouth with a sip of water and spit;
– Rinse well.

For better results, repeat this method for 2 to 3 times in a week, but if you have porcelain veneers, crowns, or caps, don’t use it!

5. Orange or lemon peels

Similarly to apple cider vinegar, a lot of people claim that the use of citrus fruits, which include orange and lemon peels, will also help in the process of teeth whitening. After their use, always rinse your mouth well. Also, you can use hydrogen rinse formula as it has been described above.

6. Turmeric

This is a spice which can also whiten your teeth, as it has astringent properties that help in the process of removing plaque and tighten gums. It can also polish your teeth, as it is a mild abrasive.

– First, mix two parts turmeric powder, one part coconut oil and one part baking soda;
– Put the already made mixture on your toothbrush and brush your teeth for two minutes;
– Rinse well.

Once a week, you can repeat this method.

7. Banana peel

The skin of the banana has rich levels of potassium, magnesium, and manganese and all of them help in the process of removing teeth stains.

– Use one ripe banana;
– Cut a small rectangle piece of the peel;
– With the inside of the peel, rub your teeth for two minutes;
– Brush your teeth as you usually do.

You can repeat this method once in a week.

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