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After Watching How Gummy Candies Are Really Made, You Will Never Eat Them Again!!


Every child loves certain things a lot and one of those things may be gummy candies. But the children are not the only individuals that enjoy in them. There are also some adults that enjoy a lot when they eat them.

If you are conscious that you consume a lot of gummy bears, gummy worms or peach rings and you can still not resist them, then after reading our article, you will completely forget about them.

After watching one short film, which was filmed by Alina Kneepkens, a Belgian filmmaker, you will immediately change your opinion about the gummy candies. By watching the film, you not only have the opportunity to see how the production of them looks like, but you can also see every little detail of the process.

The film starts with the final product – the gummy candies, so, that’s why you would like to have some right next to you immediately at the start. But, after you see the whole film, you will forget about them immediately, as you will see all the facts about the production process later in the film, explained to you in details.

Maybe even after watching this film, you still cannot resist the gummy candies, so you should replace them with some healthier alternatives, for example agar.

You will also want to throw up, after finding out from what the gummy candies are actually made. They are actually made from gelatin, which comes from the skin of the pigs. If this is still not enough for you, and you can still not resist them,  then watch the video below.


Source: http://healthadviceteam.com