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When You Wake Up Late to Go to the Bathroom, Keep One Eye Closed for This Reason I Never Knew


Our body is active all the time, repairing damaged things and adapting to the changing environment. There are a lot of useful tricks which can help us to live better.

Maybe some of them can be funny, and others can seem unreal, but they can be very useful.

1. Close one eye when you go to the bathroom

When you wake up at the middle of the night, and you want to go to the bathroom, you have to try to keep one eye closed, because if the bright light from the bulb enters in your both eyes, the body will have the feeling that it is time to wake up, and it will have a lot of difficulties in falling asleep after that.

When you keep one eye closed, the brain focuses more on the darkness and falling asleep will be much easier.

2. Pulling the ear to deal with a headache

Maybe it sounds funny, but when people suffer from headache, they should try pulling their ear instead of massaging their temples. The nerve pathways, which are around our ears can help us to relax our whole body. The only thing that one person should do is to take the ear between the thumb and forefinger and to pull up and down, so fresh fluid for the brain will be released and the headache will soon disappear.

3. The right way of swallowing pills

When people have problems in swallowing their medications, they should try this solution: put the pill in your mouth and lean your head forward before you swallow the pill.
In that way the swallow reflex is more active and the body swallows the medication on his own.

4. Brain thawing

This is a problem which occurs usually in the summer period. We get used to the cold taste of ice cream, or cold water, so we can’t wait to feel that. After sinking our teeth into something cold, the brain tries to get used on the changes of temperature. The solution for this is to press our tongue to the roof of the mouth, so the warmth will relax and the blood vessels and headache will be over soon.

5. Head rolling

The unlikely state of the body that happens when you sit for a long time with your legs crossed, or arms while falling asleep, can be gone by following the next two steps:

You can try to tense the muscles in the part of the body where the problem is, and shake it or hop awkwardly on one leg, so the pricks and needless will go away.

Another solution can be rolling the head from one side to other, so the nerves and vessels which are pressured will relax. This solution will not be helpful for our feet, so we will have to active them by doing some other activities.

6.How to stop hiccups?

There are a lot of things that can be the reason for hiccups, and some of them are: eating too fast, swallowing air, changes of temperature in our stomach, or excitement.

There are also a lot of tricks for stopping hiccups. Here is one of them which can be useful: Try to swallow several times with your mouth open, so the diaphragm will relax and the hiccups will soon disappear.

7. Fear of needles

There are a lot of adult people in the world who are afraid of needles, so we can say that sometimes kids are more brave for such things. But there is always a solution for such problems. When you go to the doctor, first cough a few times while the needle is being placed and you are expecting pain, then try not to pay attention on that, and when the body gets distracted, the procedure will be painless.