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Using Soap On a Daily Basis Harms Our Bodies!

dry cracked hands
dry hands

Have you ever noticed how dry your skin becomes after using an anti-bacterial soap?

Although good personal hygiene is very important for your health, using the antibacterial soap on a daily basis might be making your immune system weaker.

dry cracked hands
dry cracked hands

Dr. Robynne Chutkan, founder of the Digestive Center for Women in Maryland, has made a research on this field and she advises us to throw away our anti-bacterial soap and use just water instead. Warm water will keep your skin clean and swapping warm and cold water will open and clean your pores too. This trick will really do magic to your skin.

“By scouring ourselves in the shower every day, we are actually stripping our skin of bacteria that keep us acne and eczema free. Dirt doesn’t cause disease – but repeatedly killing off the good bacteria on our skin may actually harm our immunity. Unless you’ve been hanging out on an Ebola ward, the vast majority of microbes on your skin and hands are not virulent germs that cause serious infection; they’re harmless bacteria that won’t hurt you,” she explains.

People think that using anti-bacterial soap and hand sanitizers will be their protective shield against cold or flu, but this is not so. The flu is a viral and not a bacterial infection, so taking anti-bacterial precautions is senseless.

What is more, the World Health Organisation reports that a lot of the untreatable bacterial infections are appearing due to the usage of anti-bacterial hand gels.

Dr. Chutkan says that we should only use a non-antibacterial soap to wash our armpits and groin and just clean the rest of our body with warm water. That is how our body will adapt to common bacteria and know when to fight the bad bacteria, instead of harming our immunity.