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By Using Coconut Oil You Will Be Able To Reverse Cavities And Heal Decomposed Teeth!


You maybe already know the countless benefits that coconut oil has, but you might now be aware of the fact that this oil is highly beneficial for your dental health.

According to some researches, the coconut oil can be a perfect substitute for over-the-counter toothpaste kinds most of them contain chemicals, and may also cause irritations and other adverse effects.

Our dental health is extremely important for our overall health, and the numerous mouth infections can cause different other health issues in our body, like stroke, dementia, heart issues, and respiratory disease. Because of this, you should always take special care for your dental health.

Some newest studies have shown that coconut oil is one of the best ingredients which you can use in order to maintain your dental health at optimal levels, and that it is much more effective than toothpaste.

There was a recent study conducted at the Athlone Institute, which has found that coconut oil is better than any other oil, when it comes to the maintaining the teeth clean and healthy. The oil is an excellent antibacterial agent, because its digestive enzymes prevent bacteria growth in the mouth.

Streptococcus and S Mutans are acid – producing bacteria, which makes them the main culprits for the decomposition of teeth in both adults and children. They get angry for sugar and cause an acidic environment in the mouth, which demineralizes the tooth structure, and the tooth gets spoilt.

The main researcher from Athlone Institute of Technology, Dr. Damien Brady, says that:

“Involving coconut oil with adjusted enzymes in the products of dental hygiene represents an interesting alternative to chemical additives, especially because it works at considerably reduced concentrations. Plus, with bigger antibiotic hostility, it is essential for us to pay attention in finding and using some new ways to fight against microbial infection.”

In order to avoid the harmful chemicals, people should turn to some more natural variants of teeth cleaning. The toothpastes that we use are rich in triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, fluoride, and artificial sweeteners like aspartame, which may cause different health problems.

The triclosan was linked to endocrine issues, and sodium lauryl sulfate was found that it negatively affect the taste buds.

So, in this article we are going to suggest you one natural toothpaste recipe which consists of coconut oil:

Needed ingredients:

– ½ cup coconut oil;
– 2-3 tablespoons baking soda;
– 15-30 drops of lemon, thieves, or peppermint essential oil.

Preparation and use:

Mix all the above mentioned ingredients together and use the paste like you use any other.

The oil pulling is another way to protect your teeth and support dental health. You just need to swish a tablespoon of coconut oil in the mouth for about 5-20 minutes on an empty stomach. After that, spit the oil which will absorb the bacteria from your mouth and leave your teeth clean, healthy and white.

Source: http://www.healthyfoodhouse.com