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These Two Ingredients For 10 Days Remove Corns And Rough Skin From The Feet (Recipe)


People mostly see cracked heels as an aesthetic problem, but it can be a much bigger and painful problem if the cracks are deeper because dirt collects in than and that leads to infections. That is the main reason why you should take care of your cracked heels as soon as possible.

Dead skin from the heels can be removed using a pumice stone or a file, this is best done after a shower or bath when the skin is soft. When removing the dead skin you should be careful because if you remove too much skin it can lead to infection.

There is a remedy that can help you with cracked heels. To prepare it you will need 2 ingredients:

• 10 tablets of Aspirin or Andols (300 mg)
• 250 ml brandy or medical alcohol (70% strength)

Crash the 10 tablets into a powder and pour in the 250 ml of brandy or alcohol, let it sit for about 1-2 days.

To use this remedy, take gauze, dip it in the tincture and wrap it around the heel, then wrap a plastic bag around your foot and wear a sock. Leave it like that overnight. In the morning, wash it with water, dry your feet and apply cream for legs or glycerin.

The rough and dead skin should be gone from your feet after using this remedy for 10 days.

Also, this tincture can be used to treat painful areas with varicose veins. Just rub some of the remedy on the painful area and the pain should be gone immediately.