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If You Have These Two Holes On The Back You Are Really Special! Here Is What It Says About You…


You can often see some small circles on men’s and women’s back. Those which are on the women’s back are called Venus holes and those on the men’s are called Apollo holes.

Their location is in a place where two bones connect with the pelvis. You can notice this small circles in people that have genetic predispositions or appropriate size ligaments.

There is no option to chose if you want to have them or not, as it is just a case of genetics. Having this holes on your back means that you have good circulation and a healthy body. Also, having great circulation is a very important prerequisite for achieving orgasm easier.

There is no any muscle on the area where they appear,so you can not create this holes with making any exercises, but if you do something else in order to eliminate the excess fat, they may become visible.

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