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Toxic Teeth: How Root Canal Procedures Dramatically Increase Your Risk of Chronic Disease


In this article, we are going to present you one common dental procedure, which most of the people consider safe, but actually it is anything else, but not that. The root canals can actually be very dangerous.

Here in the United States, there are thousands of root canals which are done every day. Every single year, there are over 25 million which are done. The majority of the dentists that do these procedures every day are actually in the dark about the serious health threats that they post.

Also, there is no some published data or research which proves that root canals are safe. Yet, for some unknown reason, the American Dental Association claims that they are proven to be safe. Dr. Price and Dr. Meinig, give their best in order to research this procedure among the others. Dr. Meinig working to complete Dr. Price’s work has spent over 2 years, intensely studying his research continuing on to publish a book known as Root Canal Cover-Up.

The diseases which are found to be linked with root canals include the following:

– Heart disease;
– Arthritis;
– Joint pain;
– Neurological disease;
– Autoimmune disease;
– Kidney disease.

There may also be a connection between cancer and root canals, especially breast cancer. Dr. Robert Jones has discovered that at least 93% of the women with breast cancer have actually had root canals. That’s why we should avoid ever getting a root canal done.

We should also never risk our health in order to preserve a tooth, as it is more worth than that. You can also watch the video below, in order to see how a root canal is done and also to learn more about how terrible they can be.

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