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She Thought They Were Twins, But The Doctors Showed Her Something That Made Her Cry


We think that the best news that one newly married couple can receive is that they are going to be parents soon.

This is why many mom and dads to be can’t contain their joyful tears. To have a child is one true blessing, and sometimes the life give us more and more.

This was the case of one couple from Czech Republic, Alexa and Antonin Kinova, who had already had one kid and also waited to become parents once again. They were really excited, as they were going to give the first child a baby brother or maybe sister. Everything was going great for Alexa, until the surprise when she went for a sonogram. The doctor noticed that the woman was carrying twins, so the couple was ecstatic. But, they were still not aware of what was waiting for them around the corner.

After Alexa went to the doctor once again, she was surprised when she found out that there was third member in her womb. Then there was also another and another…and by the summer of 2013, Alexa and Antonin became the first couple and parents of quintuplets in the Czech Republic. That was a historic event for them, as well as for the whole nation. Alexa delivered the babies in a natural way and without any problem, but the most surprising thing was that the babies were conceived also in a natural way, which is something unusual for quintuplets.

Antonin said happily: ”On the way to the hospital, I cried bitterly because I did not believe it would arrive in time for the delivery. Both the mother and the children are totally healthy.” Today, the couple is raising six children in total. They are one blessed couple, as they were given such a lovely gift and they can’t ask God for more.

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