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What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Relationship


We all sleep, but did you know that the different sleeping positions show a a lot about us as individual?

Sleeping on your back means that you are strong and silent type. Sleeping on your stomach means that you often have an open, gregarious, and playful personality.

But, why is this all important?

What says a lot about your relationship can be the most common position that you share with your partner. Take a look at the lines below.

The cliff hanger

A sign that shows distance between you both, can be sleeping on the opposite sides of the bed. But if this happens from time to time, it can just mean that you like that side and want to have a good night’s sleep.

The crab

This sleeping position could mean that on of the partner needs more space, and the other craves more intimacy.


If the both of you sleep on the back, with the woman’s head on the crevice of the male’s shoulder, it could mean that the woman is dependent on her man.

Pillow talk

If you sleep face to face, but without any contact and touching,  this could mean that you need more conversation in your relationship.


In this position, the man sleeps on the back an the woman on his chest. It can mean that their relationship has begun recently.

Lover’s knot

If both of you sleep face to face, with the legs intertwined while trying to fall asleep, this can mean that you’re independent, intimate, and s*xually active.

Spoon female inside

Sleeping in this position means that the man is protective and loving his woman.


Sleeping back to back means that both of you feel comfortable in the relationship that you have, and also you are intimate and completely relaxed.


Sleeping back to back, but without any touching, can mean that there is a connection between you, but you are still independent.

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