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Shocking But True: This Is Why You Should Never Make Your Bed After Sleeping!


Do you have the habit of making your bed as soon as you wake up? So, if you have it, consider the fact that there are millions of mite in the bed, trapped in the sheets and bedding.

Mites are microorganisms living in the bed and feeding themselves from the dead skin cells, as well as sweat, and they can trigger allergy and asthma. If you don’t set your bed immediately after waking up, the mites will be exposed on fresh air and sunlight as well, so they will dehydrate and perish.

Every person in the world sweats while sleeping. According to some medical experts, the average adult could through sweat to throw up to liter of fluids during the night. This makes it a great environment for the dust mites and there are about 1.5 million mites present in our bed. But, they are not so much dangerous as their scum. They leave the scum in the bed and it can cause a lot of health problems in people. Their scum can also be the causer of allergy and asthma.

The director of the laboratory Prima Institute, named Carolyn Forte, recommends that people should not make their bed immediately after they wake up. For some best results, you can make it after breakfast, or before going to work. If you don’t mind, you can also leave your bed in the same position as when you woke up, during the whole day and make it when you get back home. At least on every two weeks, wash and change your sheets.

If the dust mites get exposed to fresh air during the whole day, they will die and your bedroom will be a better place for you, so you will rest or sleep without any risk of an allergy or asthma.

Source: http://improveyourhealthrightnow.com