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Sharp Pain in Your Chest? Here is What It Indicates and It Is Not What You Think It Is!


Have you ever felt pain in your chest? A sharp, stubbing pain that lasts for several minutes and it is gone, then it is coming back occasionally?

Or one that is dull and won’t go? Anyway, the first thing when you think of when a chest pain happens, is heart problems, or heart attack, right? But in the most cases that is not the case. If the pain is momentarily, many people forget about it after a while.Thus you end up ignoring your pain, until it comes back again. But it might be an indicator of something else, and you should not neglect it or mistreat it.

The pain can be of several types:

  • sharp
  • dull
  • burning
  • aching
  • stabbing
  • squeezing sensation

and it can originate from the following things:

  • heart
  • lungs
  • stomach
  • spine


If your chest pain is an indicator of heart problem or heart attack the pain will be exactly in the middle or the left side of your chest and the pain is severe and crushing. You will have some other symptoms too. One of them is discomfort in other body parts, such as your arms, neck, back, stomach and jaw. You might be short for breath and you will feel cold sweating, lightheadedness and nausea.

Lungs and Stomach

Chest pain can be also caused by lungs and stomach problems. Although chest pain due to acid reflux and heartburn are very rare they can happen. Also, a chronic bronchitis or bronchopneumonia can cause a chest pain. The difference is that this pain in most of the cases will be dull and you will feel like something is pressing your lungs. This is caused by frequent coughing which exhausts your chest muscles.


The most common cause of chest pain in these modern times is the spine. If your pain is sharp and stabbing, and you also have back pain sometimes then you definitely have spine problems. If you feel pain as if someone is stabbing your chest with a knitting needle, and deep breathing hurts than that is undoubtedly it. When the spinal disk is curved it puts pressure on your ribs. The end of your ribs are rich in nerves and when your spine is in an unnatural position it presses those nerves so you feel a stabbing pain. The pain will be increased by coughing and sneezing, while trunk or shoulder movements will either aggravate or ease the pain. This happens because a quick movement might move the spinal disks and thus relieve the pressure. But this is only a short-term solution. The pain will be back after several days, or even months. Prolonging professional advice will only worsen the problem. This condition can only be solved by treatment of your thoracic spine and rib cage. That is usually done by back massage and special exercises. Of course, nothing will help in long-terms if you go on sitting and keeping your body in a bad posture.