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Reduce The NEGATIVE ENERGY From Your Home Only With 3 GREEN LEMONS !


Negative energy can affect the prosperity, relationships and the health in your home. So, in order to get rid of it, you can try some natural remedies. Lime is the ingredient which is perfect for this purpose, as it is very helpful in neutralizing bad energy, improving your economy and restoring harmony.

There are a lot of health benefits that lie behind lime. They provide one unique aroma, which is great for areas where you are most of your time. It is very helpful in getting rid of negative energies. For that, several limes will be enough.

Try some of these methods:

– Take one ceramic basket and fill it with 9 limes. After that, place the basket with the limes in the fridge. Put 8 limes and 1 in the center for wealth.

– Boil lime skin into rainwater. After that, use it in order to absorb the negative waves around.

– In three different areas of your home, put 3 limes. Once they turn black, replace them with a new one.

– For love, put three limes into a glass bowel on your night table.

– Make a mixture of water and lime juice and put it in a spray bottle, spraying it throughout your house.

– Place some limes into your purse, jacket, or pockets and get them out during the night, watching them how they become dry. In the morning throw them out, and use another.

– Cut one lime into 4 parts and form a cross in the plate, than make a circle of grain or salt around them in the dish and put it under the bed during the night. You should not touch the dish in the morning, but put it in a plastic bag and throw it away from your home. Repeat this method three days.

– While you are at work, place three limes into your purse or your working desk.

Source: http://naturalcarebox.com