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With This Recipe Get Rid Of Those Annoying And Gross Blackheads Fast And Easy


There is a simple and quick dish that will help you in getting rid of blackheads, because they don’t look excellent and everyone dislikes and hates them. They usually appear on our face, back and ears, because these are the parts where the sweat appears most.

They can appear for some reasons like having oily skin and hair, or stopped pores and bad diet. They also take place when dead skin cells are caught and ended up being blocked. They are an open pore, while the whiteheads are closed ones. They become black as a result of being on the surface, so the oxygen makes them black. They will not appear if you have dirt on your face. Using scrubs will not assist them vanish. Also if you dry your skin, it may make them worse.

You can eliminate blackheads by using one basic recipe, for which you will need the following:

– Half a lemon (which can be squeezed);

– 3 drops of honey.

How to prepare and use it?

First, put some honey on the lemon and go all over the blackheads on the place where you have them, but concentrate most on the worried location. Let it stay for 5 minutes, and after that remove and clean it with cool water. The results will be amazing. Continue doing this procedure two times a week.

How does it work?

As lemons are natural acids, they get rid of the dead skin cells, so the new ones can be formed. You won’t have actually obstructed pores any longer.

Honey as well, is a natural antibacterial. It helps in the case of hydration, diminishing your pores and providing you clear skin tone. Because of its antibacterial properties it will help in eliminating the bacteria that appears on your face.

The results and outcomes from this dish depend of your skin type. In order to see better results, use it twice a week.

Source: http://www.healthoclock.net