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This Is The Real Reason Why We Close Our Eyes When We Kiss


There was a study tailored together by the psychologists Sandra Murphy and Polly Dalton, which compiled evidence that involves human psychology of sensory perception, that explains why during kissing people keep their eyes closed in order to avoid eyes contact.

Their research was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology and was titled ‘Human Perception and Performance’.

It describes in details as to why it is nearly impossible for us to kiss with open eyes.

The reason behind this is because if we keep our eyes open during kissing someone that we have feelings for, it would distract us from being able to experience all those butterflies and rainbows that we feel deep within our stomach.

What happens here is that you won’t have the same kind of personal experience or depth that you will have when you kiss someone with your eyes closed.

You won’t feel that sense of pleasure of stimulation that satisfies you in the same way as you would feel it when you have your eyes closed, and you won’t only use your body language to guide one another during the kissing lasts.

It is like you are multitasking, when you are thinking about how amazing the person you kiss looks, and it also feels, compared to the feeling of how amazing you feel, as well as the way that the person makes you feel deeply inside.

So, when you get distracted while kissing, it would completely alert the way we kiss entirely.

Both of them, Murphy and Dalton, made the discovery that the multiple sensations are being placed on the forefront, and in that way they would only drown out any of the other sense that aren’t being targeted by this stimulation.

Those people that participated in the studies were told to do some letter-searching tasks, and during that they had a tiny vibration that was applied to their hands.

The results have shown that the people included in the studies, felt less of the vibration in their hands, as they had their eyes open and that gave them various visual distractions from actually feeling any of the vibration at all.

Dalton had stated:
“These results could explain why we close our eyes when we want to focus attention on another sense. Shutting out the visual input leaves more mental resources to focus on aspects of our experience.”

And Sandra Murphy added:
“It was already known that increasing the demands of a visual task could reduce noticing of visual and auditory stimuli.”

Essentially, you could compare the exact same kinds of results, that you would get when doing something other then kissing.

Also, if we weren’t visually distracted all of the time, it is very understandable that our other senses would heighten. You will also feel the things in a completely different level then feeling them now.

And what is important about this studies, is that they were actually not made on true couples, so we cannot know, as we maybe get the similar results, when kissing with our eyes open just the same way you would having them closed.

But, it is good and important to know these kinds of things, by doing some little more exploration.

Source: http://www.higherperspectives.com