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If You Have This Plant In Your House, You Will Never See Mice, Spiders and Other Insects Again!


The most numerous species on the planet are insects. Right now, there are over 200 million insects living on the Earth. They are arthropods that have their body is divided into parts and covered in exoskeleton that can grow into a shell. Except that, they also have specialized extremities, antennas, and often, wings. the insects are mostly small, but the beetles have major size.

There is a great number of insects species, and some of them feed on plants, and others on meat.

Although we see the insects as harmful species, they actually have an important part in maintaining the biological cycle of nature.

– A wonderful plant in the struggle against the plagues

One of the most important role of the plants is those of helping organic matter to decompose. They are also the most important pollinizers of plants which are ecologically, as well as economically important.

But, besides everything, insects are not something that you want to see around you, especially not in your home.

Here in this article we are going to present you one completely safe method, in order to get rid of insects and rodents. This method is not like the insecticides you buy over the counter, but it has the same and maybe more effective results.

Except getting rid of insects, this all-natural repellent will also make your home smell clean and fresh.

All you need is a fresh mint , which is an aromatic plant that is valued for its medicinal properties, as well as for the fresh-smelling fragrance.

– Here is how to use it:

This is something that has very simple method of preparation. What you will need to do is to prepare a well-concentrated mint tea. You should store the tea into a spray bottle and spray every corner of your house with it. You should particularly spray the door corners and the window rims. The smell of fresh mint is something that insects can’t stand. This is a natural bug repellent, which is very useful in keeping all the sorts of insects, as well as rodents away from your house and besides that, it will also provide your home with a fresh- smelling aroma.

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