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People With A $exually Active Life Must Be Awaer Of This Silent Killer


If you are changing your s*x partners, it can lead to deadly stage.

What takes human life gradually and slowly is HIV. Besides HIV, other issues, problems and infections can appear. You are maybe familiar with the reasons for those infections, but you maybe don’t know the steps of keeping them away from you.

Check out some of them:
-If a person gets in contact with another person that is infected, and if they get in contact with their rectal fluid, pre-seminal fluid, breast milk, blood, semen, and vaginal fluids, he/she can get infected too.

-Maybe you think that you are free from the virus, but your partner might not be. For being more sure make a HIV test and do this especially if you have new partner.

-Instead of having s*x with new and unknown partners, stay close to trusted and fewer partners that you know.

-If you think that you should protect yourself, the best thing to do is to use latex female as well as normal condoms.

-If you are willing to have a tattoo or piercing, do that with licensed artists, because unauthorized artists can use contaminated devices that can infect you.

-If you use an injection that was previously used by someone else,make sure that the equipment was cleaned before, in order to stop the risk from virus.

-Prophylaxis is the pill that the non – infected person should take in order to battle the virus if it comes in contact with it. You should use it if only your doctor has recommended and prescribed it to you.