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One Oil That Will Stop Your Hair Fall and Grow Thick Long Hairs In Just 10 Days Time


Castor oil, which is high in nutrients and has a lot of positive properties, is one of the extremely beneficial oils. But, the oil is often avoided because of it sticky and thick consistency. It is inexpensive as well as effective way for treating a lot of hair and skin issues.

Apply the castor oil directly can be a little tough because of its density. It is a very thick liquid, so remember to dilute it before you use it. You just need to mix equal amounts of coconut and castor oil. Then apply the mixture on the scalp and leave it like that for one hour. Massage the castor oil onto the scalp and spread it even on hair strands. You can repeat this procedure two times in a week before you wash your hair.

In order to use it on a daily basis, on dry hair split ends, take about 2-3 drops of castor oil in your palm and rub it on the hair, which should be dry and frizzy. Leave it like that to overnight.

The results that the castor oil gives are really impressive, so don’t think twice about trying it or not.

Source: http://www.justnaturallife.com