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How Often Should You Have S*x According To Your Age (Chart)


According to some studies, having s*x regularly is very important and necessary, as for our mental or physical health.

It is also the best sense of happiness and joy of life. It acts as an antidepressant, which helps is reducing stress, relaxing, and it has a positive effect on the appearance of our skin.

There was a research done in the Scottish hospital “Royal Edinburgh Hospital”, which discovered that people who are older than 40 and have s*x 50% more than the average, look from 7 to 13 years younger.

There is a prove that having s*x regularly is effective, as s*x help people to live longer. Those who have more orgasms, have a mortality rate twice lower that those with rare orgasms. This is because s*x helps in stress reducing, which is reason for many diseases.

How will s*x affect our health depends of how often partners practice it.

You have too much or little s*x?

One of the main problems is not having time to spend some quality time with our partner, plus all the stress caused by the modern era, which shows how different we are.
Twice a week s*x intercourse may be enough for some people, but for others it can be rather too much or maybe too little.

There was a research made on the Institute Kinsey, which revealed how often people have s*x, when it comes to their are, and here are the results from it:

18 – 29 – on average 112 times a year;
39 – 39 – on average 86 times a year;
40 – 49 – on average 69 times a year.

Also, there were results about couples having s*x just few times in the year, 45% of them several times just in a month, also 34% two or three times in a week and also 7% of them, more than three or maybe four times a week.

“Your Tango” is a website which has conducted its own survey, among married readers, in order to discover the minimum, average as well as an ideal number of s*xual activities just for one month. Here is what they discovered:

Minimum: once in a month;
Average: once in a week;
Perfect: three to five times in a week.