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You Are Not Fat, Your Stomach Bloated And Here Is How To Get Rid Of It!


We have all felt bloated at some point especially after a big meal. This happens because there is a gas which remains in the stomach as a result of the food we are consuming.

The main reasons for bloating are:
• Constipation – if you have this problem then you need to include more fiber in your diet to avoid gas being stuck inside you. Consume more fruit such as berries, drink shakes and consume entire grains to prevent this.

• Carbohydrates –Take in more shakes, berries and vegetables and keep away from sugar, starch and alcohol.

• Tension – Bloating almost always happens as a result of experiencing high levels of tension. If you are struggling with high levels of tension then you should do something to get rid of it.

• Water – Dehydration is among the biggest causes for bloating as well as other diseases. Try to stay away from coffee and sugar and don’t forget to drink around 8 glasses of water every day.

• Eating quickly – When you are eating too quick and not chewing the food it can result in bloating and other digestion problems. Try to consume your meals gradually and chew every bite.