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No One Ever Told You Onions Could Do THESE Miraculous Things


Onions – a natural cure for a lot of health problem and the best booster of your immune system. They are also the best remedy for severe vomiting.You probably didn’t know this by now.

This article will reveal several uses of onion that are not that well-known.

The onion is from the allium family and is rich in sulfur and Quercetin. That means that it has antibiotic, antiseptic and antioxidant characteristics. As natural cures, they are most frequently used to solve respiratory problems, because the onion juice is a great expectorant. They are also a solution to high cholesterol, heart problems, arthritis and its sulfur and flavonoid compounds are good for diabetes too. They have been used as a natural cure for ages, and what follows are their most frequent and unusual uses.

Unusual Ways to Use an Onion:

Breakup chest congestion: Crush an onion and mix it with coconut oil. Apply the mixture on your chest and cover it with a clean towel or rug. Then you can put your shirt on.

Ear pain/infection: Chop one onion and place it in one sock then tie the sock closed. Flatten the sock and apply it upon your ear shell. Cover it with a hat to keep the sock in place. Remove when the pain is gone.

Cuts: If you have minor or moderate cut the transparent film of the onion skin will stop the bleeding immediately. Just peel off the skin and put it over the cut. It will act as an antiseptic for the wound at the same time.

Colic: Boil half of diced yellow onion in water. Let it cool, then drain the water. Give a tablespoon of this onion tea to the baby every hour until the baby feels some relief.

Cough: Peel one onion and slice it in halves. Apply brown sugar on the face of both halves and cover the onions for an hour. Take this relish twice a day till your cough is gone.

Fever: Slice one onion into thin slices. Put the slices on your arches and wrap them in cling wrap. Then putsome socks on and leave this to work overnight. The onions will do the magic. Theywill draw out toxins from your body, thus drawing out the illness too.
Vomiting:Grate an onion. Put it in a cheesecloth and press it to get some juice. Then brew a strong cup of peppermint tea. Wait for the tea to cool. When the tea is completely cold, dink 2 tablespoons of the onion juice, wait for 5 minutes and then drink 2 tablespoons of the peppermint tea and wait for 5 minutes. Repeat this two times. Vomiting is expected to stop immediately and the nausea will go away within 15 minutes.

Other Uses:

  • Rub an onion onto your skin to keep bugs away
  • It also keeps moths away
  • The onion juice rubbed into your hair will promote hair growth
  • Rub it onto the face of your iron to prevent rust
  • Polish silverware and glassware with an onion slice
  • Boil onion juice and spray it onto plants to repel pests
  • Rub it on your skin to prevent freckles


Onions have been used by Native Americans to treats flu and colds for centuries. Its healing properties are also recognized by the World Health Organization.

So next time when you are feeling under the weather, give these onion remedies a try.

Source: www.worldofhealth365.com