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This Is Why You Need to Massage Your Feet Every Night Before Bed


Massage therapyis one of the most effective andadvantageous medicinal tools, and that is so because pressure applied on some the parts of the body in fact relieves tension and relaxes the body and mind.

Reflexology is a massage therapy according to whicha massage of particular body points and parts, especially parts of the feet and hands, can have abeneficial effect on your health.
Dr. Helen Chin Lui, a certified reflexologist says that the feet and hand contain a complete reflex map of the whole human body, which is rich with numerous connectors to the central nervous system and nerve endings.
You do not always have the time to exercise and do stretches. That is why this method is so effective.
Massaging certain points of the feet is related to various body organs, and it reduces stress, provides relaxation, and it also increases the s*xual desire.
What is more, it treats various diseases, regulates digestive balance, enhances sleep patterns, improves blood circulation, treats restless leg syndrome, treats edema during pregnancy, and promotes skin health.
For example, a massage of your big toe will have direct effects on the brain and lungs. Moreover, pressure on your second, third, and fourth toe will alleviate a toothache. Massage of your pinky toe will reduce an earache. A foot massage may provide a lot more benefits for your health, except the ones mentioned above.
You can gain a lot from a regular massage of the feet and you can see the image above which illustrates the effects of it.

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