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Massage This Point for 45 Seconds: What Will Happen to Your Body Will Leave You Speechless!


Massage is one of the best treatments which almost does not have side effects at all. Self-massaging is even better since you do not have to bother someone every time you need a massage.

And while it is very hard to massage your back on your own, it is not that hard to massage your forehead.

One of the methods of self-massage is the Chinese acupressure which is done by applying pressure on certain body points, where the meridians pass. Meridians are in fact paths similar to nerves which supply energy to your body. By applying pressure to these points you clean energy blockages and improve your health and circulation.

When doing acupressure, you should do it regularly and consistently, if you want to get long-term results. To stimulate an acupressure point you should press it firmly with a finger several times and do up-and-down or circular movements.

In this article you will learn an acupressure point on your forehead which is one of the most important points on our whole body. Namely, it is the part between your eyebrows. Knowing how to do it, you will quickly get rid of headache once and for all. It will also help you alleviate other symptoms and conditions.

How to Do it…

First of all, find the point which is exactly between your eyebrows. Then massage this point for 45 seconds, by pressing firmly and doing circular movements simultaneously. By the stimulation of this point you improve circulation, reduce muscle tension and you stimulate brain chemicals known as endorphins. Endorphins make you fell happier, so it will also help you to release stress.

It is also very helpful and effective in alleviating sinuses’ pain, clearing nasal congestion, reducing
headaches, insomnia, eye pressure and chronic fatigue.