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Little Girl Doesn’t Know She’s Being Recorded. What They Caught Her Doing at the Mall Oh, My…


The story and the video that you will see in today’s article, will certainly bring a smile to your face. It is about a little girl who went to the shopping center with her father, when an escalator got her attention and she found it really funny. After she stepped on it to ride it, everyone played along with smiles on their faces, after seeing her.

Here we are going to talk about the little girl who has an amazing gift of making people happy, even just for a few moments, and her parents are very lucky to have a kid like her. We are also very happy and grateful that she was filmed and that they have shared this funny experience with the whole world.

Here is what her dad wrote when he published the video:

“Recently my daughter and I spent some time at the Copley Place mall in Boston, MA.We came upon the escalator that brings you down from the mall level down to the walkway that goes to the Prudential Center.My daughter took the liberty of standing at the escalator to say “bye” to everyone on the escalator.Almost everyone said “bye” back to her and had smiles on their faces.I just thought it was the funniest and cutest thing. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.”

You can watch the video of Chloe below, and she will put a smile on your face for sure!