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Infographic: 60 Beef Cuts and How To Cook Them


Even if you are an avid meat eater, navigating the beef’s world can be intimidating.

There are so many beef cuts on the market and each of them requires a specific cooking method. So, things can get a little bit confusing.

The Cattlemen’s Beef Board and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association have come up with an infographic that is a real life saver, in order to help you to choose the right cut of beef. The graphic highlights 60 different beef cuts by the part of the cow the meat comes from and it also recommends some of the best way(s) to cook them.

All of the information is color coded and there are some pictures of every beef cut, which make the chart easy to navigate. It can even inspire you to try a new cut of meat. You can check it out more precisely by clicking on the below given picture in order to enlarge it.


Source: http://www.thehealthyfoodfridge.com