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If You Sleep On This Side Of Your Body, You May Shorten Your Life For 15 Years!


This doctor proved that if you sleep on your right side your health can be worsened.

He is a doctor in the best clubs in the NBA basketball league, where he saved several basketball players from big trouble!

The survey made by this doctor, related to the way people sleep, may improve your health a lot. Dr. John Dillard is a former director of “Player Development” for the NBA team New Jersey Nets and has published over 200 articles and photos relating to thehealth improvement. Now he tells us to be careful how we sleep and his main point is to get some quality rest over the night without sleeping on our right side.


The main reason why we should sleep on our left side is because thus we help the digestive system to digest food easier while we sleep. If you sleep on your right side you are exposing yourself at high risk to get heartburn and acid reflux. This is because stomach juices and acids penetrate into your esophagus more easily if you sleep on your right side at night.


Sleeping on the right side is also not good because of the lymphatic system which is an important part of the immune system. Sleeping on the left side helps glucose, proteins and other important elements to enter the lymphatic system faster. This makes a good impact on your heart and spleen, too.

Therefore if you have spent your whole life sleeping on the right side, it is high time to change that. Let your left side become “the right” side.

Dr. Dillard’s advice will help you sleep without waking up, while keeping yourbody healthy at the same time.