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Hand Size Says A Lot About Your Personality


There are actually a few people around the world, who know that the size of the hand, in fact tells a lot of things about what kind of person someone is.

So, in order to make sure if this is true for you, you can make the simple test given below.
First of all, you should measure your hands properly by placing your thumb at your elbow and stretching out the hand.

If it is hard for you to reach your wrist, then you have small hands. But, if you do it in a very easy way, you have large hands.

– Small hands

Those people that have smaller hands take a lot more risks in their lives. They are also generous and adventurous and they will rather solve the problems that they have, then leaving them behind.
They also have dramatic relationships very often.

– Large hands

Those people that have large hands are very sensitive and shy. They are also perfectionists with good math and analytic skills. They pay attention to small and trivial details very often and that is not always the smartest option.

They are also impulsive and very often can overreact. They care a lot for other people around them and frequently neglect themselves.

The shape of your palms is also important

Those people that have square palms are logical and practical. They are usually excellent mathematicians and they are always about taking the logical approach instead of following their instinct.

Those people that have rectangular palms are very good in solving every kind of problem. They are a little bit more intuitive when contrasted with those with square palms.

Those people with long hands and square palms are adventurous and sensitive.

Those that have short fingers are excellent leaders.

And those that have longer fingers, are normally inquisitive.

Source: http://myeva.info