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If Your Guy Ever Does These 5 Things, DON’T MARRY HIM


People become wiser and learn from their mistakes more often, as they grow older. Also, when we are crazy in love, sometimes we experience some things with our lovers, that at one moment don’t seem right, but we choose to forget and let go and move on with our relationship, just because we love that person madly. Sometimes we do some things that cannot be explained, to the point of losing our identity, our dignity.

But, is this right? It will be better to think about it at the moment of doing it, and not regret it later? And what about you, how many times you made some wrong decision and later regret it? Many times right? And women especially, have the deepest instincts when it comes to their men and their kids. So, the next time when your instinct tells you that there is something wrong, listen to it.

Here in this article we are going to present you the top 5 things that you should never forget:

1. He gets violent even if he doesn’t hit you

Alert! Those of you who are reading this, know how it feels to be in an abusive relationship. You should be strong, not afraid, as you don’t deserve to be treated like that. Nobody does of course! Don’t lose yourself over something you will definitely regret in the future. It is maybe easy to say yes, but there is nothing worst then destroying your own health, as in this situations you will never know how his actions will escalate.

2. He cheats

A lot of people may think that there are couples who after cheating enter in a better relationship later. But the problem here is not the act of cheating, but it is the disrespect, the broken trust and the risk of health.

Cheating is something that is completely selfish. Do you want a person in your life that puts his wants before your needs? So, because of this, you should say goodbye of cheats right away.

3. He doesn’t claim or proclaim you

You want to be treated in the same way that you treat him right? Well if you are dating more than 6 months, and he is still not making you his official partner, or presents you to his friends and family…no, no, something is not right.
You should right now stop ignoring the fact, as it is very important. If he considers you worth enough, he will be proud and brave to present you in front of everybody.

4. He suffers from addiction

If he has some problem and suffers from something, then of course that you will be by his side. But if those hard times that he has include fights with demons he can’t get out for years, you will be disappointed. Addiction can be one big problem.

When a person suffers from addiction, than he will do anything to get what he wants, even at the price of those people that he loves. Leave him until he completely disappoints you.

5. He gaslights you

Those who have experienced something this, know how bad it feels. Manipulative men and men who make you crazy like you are the one who does everything wrong, like you always forget something are the worst.

Those man that use manipulative tricks to win the argument, are selfish and controlling type of people, who you don’t need in your life. So, don’t make such mistakes, don’t be the played one. Just leave him.

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