One of the common problems that women face is conceiving, especially in today’s fast paced world. In this article we are going to show you 10 useful tips for getting pregnant more easily, if you are one of those women.

Keep a healthy diet

You should make some dietary changes in order to keep your reproductive system healthy and increase the chances of conceiving.

– Avoid eating acidic foods, because they can raise the acidity in your cervical mucus and can kill the sperm. One of the most acidic foods are red meat and tea.

– Instead of those acidic foods, eat more alkaline foods, such as milk, peas, and bean sprouts, because they increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Use supplements

– If you are trying to conceive, multi – vitamin supplements are a great addition to your diet.

– You should also use supplements that consist folic acid, because they prevent birth defects, such as Spina-bifida in your neural tube.

– When you start using them, you should continue including them during your pregnancy, as they will supply you with nutrients  that your body needs.

Visit your doctor

– Before trying to conceive, it is recommended to visit your doctor and make complete examinations, in order to see if you have any medical problem.

– If you also consume some medications regularly, ask your doctor if they affect on your ability to conceive.

Have intercourse regularly

– You will need to intercourse regularly, because it is an important part of the process of getting pregnant.

-If you have plans for regular intercourse, try to monitor you ovulation.

-And the last but not least, have fun and enjoy it.

Inform yourself about different s*xual positions

– There is a belief that s*xual positions are very important, as they increase the chances of getting pregnant.

– One of the most commonly used and beneficial position for conceiving is the missionary one, as it increases the chances of sperm getting into the cervix and fertilizing the egg.

– But, you should have in mind that s*xual positions are not very researched in science, but also it is not harmful to try different ones, as they may help you in conceiving.

Timing is essential

One of the most important factors for getting pregnant is timing. If you don’t plan your intercourse according to your biological process, you may miss the opportunity of conceiving.

– Also, try to follow and keep an eye o your basal temperature with a thermometer, because this is maybe one of the most effective methods of conceiving.

– During your ovulation period, you may have increased basal temperature, and that is a great sign showing that it is a great time to try to get pregnant.

– For the same reason, make yourself a menstrual cycle chart.

Ease up the process

– Many couples have problems with conceiving, because the v@gina is not sperm – friendly at all.

– Create better v@ginal conditions for the sperm, in order to have better chances of conceiving.

– This can be done by avoiding fragrant tampons, v@ginal sprays, or douches, all of which make the v@ginal environment less friendly to sperm.

– The use of synthetic lubricants is also not allowed, so if you still want to use them, you should consult your doctor about which of them don’t cause damage to the sperm.

Stop smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee, and stay away from illegal medications

– Many studies have proven that caffeine has negative effects on the conceiving in women, as well as on sperm mobility and cunt in men.

– You will need to stop consuming caffeinated drinks and foods as well, such as black tea, chocolate, and coffee.

-Also, if you have plans of getting pregnant, stop smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or consuming any other unapproved drugs. Cigarettes, alcohol, and medication can seriously increase the risk of miscarriage and genetic abnormalities. It is simply not worth it!

Control your body weight and exercise moderately

– Those women that regulate their body weight and exercise regularly, are more fertile and have more chances of getting pregnant.

– Exercises won’t just burn the extra fat in your body, but also will help you to keep the hormones balanced.

– Women that have extra weight,  have higher estrogen levels, which means that their ovulation will be rarer and irregular.

– But, obsessive exercising is no good either, because losing weight fast can be also one of the reasons for infertility and hormonal imbalance. The best recommended approach is to keep a balanced exercise routine.

Have fun and enjoy yourself

– Your chances of getting pregnant will be higher, if you are less stressed and more aroused while having intercourse.

– Too much stress leads to irregular menstrual cycles and stops ovulation.

– Also, irregular menstrual cycles will complicate your timing.

You should have in mind that getting pregnant is not so easy thing, as most of the people believe. If you start examining all the different factors that lead to conceiving you’ll only end up being stressed and overwhelmed.

So, you just need to relax, enjoy the effort and stick to the advice we gave you in the list above.