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How To Get Your Hormones Into ‘Weight-Loss’ Mode And To Melt Away Fat


Hormones are responsible for controlling the functions of our body. Testosterone is the male hormone and estrogen is the female. Besides those two, there are a lot of other hormones that pay great role in controlling the functions of our body.

When you know how actually your hormones work, you cn be much healthier. The hormones responsible for controlling the hunger, stress and weight loss are insulin, cortisol and leptin. Also, developing some habits can boost the hormones.

You can usually hear the word insulin, when the main topic is diabetes, and the reason for that is because insulin determines whether blood sugar is used for immediate energy or it is stored as fat.

The way you eat and what you eat has a direct influence of your insulin levels. There is no absorbation of insulin when there is a high consumption of carbohydrates, so it is then stored as fat. Making some changes in your lifestyle, such as eating small meals made of vegetables, high fiber grains and lean meats for 2 to 3 hours everyday, can be helpful in having normal levels of insulin in your body.  What can also help is eliminating the following foods from your diet: white bread, pasta , white sugar and processed foods.

Cortisol, or also known as the stress hormone, regulates the metabolism and controls water and salt balance. It affects the blood sugar and it has the function to tell your body to store the fat around the vital organs, when you are under stress.

In this process are released some dangerous fatty acids into the blood and that increases the insulin and cholesterol levels. In order to have normal level of cortisol, you will need to eat slowly, to lower the intake of caffeine, to take enough sleep every day and to always take a walk during your luch break.

Leptin, or also known as the hunger hormone, is related with the obesity and body fat.  It is released by the fat cells and it is really powerful.

It can  affect the time of your body that requires feeling satiated on long term. In order to have normal levels of leptin, you will need to remove sugary and processed foods completely from your diet, as well as take enough sleep and do high-intensity interval training.

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