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At First She Looks Happy As She Takes Her Child To School, But You Better Look A Little Closer, You Won’t Believe Your Own Eyes…


In this article we are going to tell you a story that will show how much the time is important for us. Our mothers give their best for us, and sometimes they also sacrifice a lot.

There are also a lot of tired mothers that want a break from all the problems that come with every new day. But, in the other hand, they want the best for their children, they want them to be unaffected. In this article we will talk about a mother who took her child to school and thought about the same thing.

She thought how she gave everything to her child, and how she adjusted her life to her child’s needs.
She also has another younger child that cries during the nights and that affects her sleeping. But there is also something that makes her stronger and still caring for them. She wrote a letter and shared it with the whole world.

The letter was named “The last time” and it has been dedicated to all the mothers in the whole world, that sacrifice a lot for their children. With her words she best describes her feelings and they will take you around the world of motherhood, and will also show you why is worth giving effort and sacrificing all for your kids.

She had written the following:

“The first time you hug your child, you will not be the same person. Maybe you want to be that old you when you had the freedom and free time, when you didn’t know what fatigue is and when every day was the same”

“Now that’s changed. Now you are replacing the kid’s diapers and hear it crying. Complaints and quarrels. This may seem like an endless circle of repetition. But don’t forget …”

“… there is last time for everything. The day will come when you will feed your baby for the last time. Sleeping in your lap after a long day. And the last time you’ll hug them while they are sleeping. The last time you’ll wash their hair, holder their arm on the street.”

“And then they will never again need the same from you. No more waking up at night and hugging. You’ll sing songs and play with them, then you won’t do that again, because it will be the last time”

“When you take them to school, you’ll kiss them goodbye, and the next day they will not ask you to go with them. You will read them a bedtime story, clean their dirty face. They will jump into your arms for the last time”

“The fact is that you don’t know when it will happen for the last time, until that time comes. Even then, you will need time to understand. So, while you are living in these moments, remember that they are very limited and will not last forever. And when they stop happening, you’ll want to experience them again.”

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