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How Your Finger Shape Determines Your Personality


Did you know that by looking at the shape of people’s fingers, you can find out a lot about their character? This may seem a bit silly and even stupid for you, but it is actually very accurate and you will be surprised about that. In the picture below, you can see the A, B and C types of fingers. Look at your fingers and see of which type they are. Choose your shape of fingers and read this article on, if you want to find something more. You can check your friends’ shape as well and find out a bit more about their personality.


After that, tell us if you agree with the description.

– Here is your personality, if the shape of your fingers was like that under A

You are a kind of person that does not show a lot of emotions, in order to make the other people think that you are very strong and cool. But, it does not mean that you are not an emotional type, and once you meet some other and new people, you will be very nice and kind to them.

As we already mentioned, you are emotional person and that means that you care a lot about your loved ones, but you can also be very cold towards some people that you are not close with. You never quit, no matter what type of task it is, so you always want to finish it, even if you hate doing it.

You also enjoy to help people that really need it, so that makes you a person that has a big heart. What also makes you a fair person is that you don’t know how to tell a lie, as you are a very honest person. And when you don’t lie to others, you hate when they lie to you.

What also can make you sad, is when you hide your feelings so the other people will think that you are very strong.

– Here is your personality, if the shape of your fingers is like that under B

You are a very big dreamer, so your dreams are always about true love. It means that you dream about someone that will completely understand you and will love you as you are.

And, your dreams about true love, also make you a very loyal person, so once you fall in love with someone, you will always think for their good first.

You will do something no matter what happens, as it enters in your head and you decide that it is the right thing to do. You are also a very sensitive type of person, but you appear to be very strong and independent.

You will also remain calm, even if you find some tasks hard to do. And what makes you afraid is being hurt from the people you love the most.

– Here is your personality, if the shape of your fingers is like that under C

If there is something or someone that makes you angry, you will never stick to that thing or person. You are also a kind of person that don’t likes challenges, so you don’t want to try new things in life.

You don’t open very much in front of others, so you want to keep the problems and feelings that you have just for yourself. But, this does not mean that you don’t like when someone puts their trust in you, so you like when some is depending on you.

You know exactly what you like and what you don’t, so you are not that type that pretends to like something that actually don’t. Also, when you think that you are right about something, your ego is very high, so when it turns out that you are wrong about that, you will accept it and you will apologize to that person after that.

You forgive to people very easily, as you have a very soft heart. This also means that you can be touched very easily.

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