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I Feel 5 Years Younger – An Eye Cream Made of 3 Ingredients: It Erases the Wrinkles Like With a Rubber!


Every woman in the world, as she ages, she starts to dislike even the slightest wrinkles which appear around her eyes. The skin of the female is soft and delicate and it is also the mirror of her beauty.

Our skin starts losing its elasticity and wrinkles begin appearing, as the years pass.

A lot of women in the world use various high-quality cosmetics in order to fight the consequences that come as a result of aging on their skin. In that way, they try to hydrate and nourish the skin properly. But, in this article, we are going to suggest you one completely natural and cheap eye cream, which provides amazing and unbelievable effects.

A 54 years old woman from Brighton, England has used this kind of eye cream. And after a month of using it passed, she said: “I feel 5 years younger, my wrinkles have almost disappeared”.

The ingredients that the cream consists of are hypoallergenic, but we still suggest you to test it on a smaller area for allergic reactions.

Needed ingredients:

– 2 blisters of vitamin E;

– 2 drops of essential thyme oil;

– 1 spoonful of coconut oil.

Preparation and use:

Add all the ingredients into a bowl and mix them well. After the eye cream is made, transfer it in a suitable container, and store it in the fridge.

Two hours before sleeping, you should apply the eye cream gently around your eyes, massaging the area. In order to wipe the excess, use a tissue.

This is a miraculous elixir which will rejuvenate the thin skin of the eyelids, cleanse the eyes, and help you remove the makeup. And the most important and amazing thing is that it will help you look 5 years younger, by erasing all the wrinkles which are around your eyes.

Source: http://hlthfoodhouse.com