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A Famous Cardiologist Recommends This Diet With That Will Help You Lose 10 Kilos In One Week!


Nutritionists are those that create diets.When it comes to nutrition that is adaptive to our body, they are the experts. It is recommended to follow some existing parameter, before initiating a nutritive diet, in order to get better result.

Also, it is very important to watch on our health, if we decide to follow any diet. So, that’s why the aim of this article is to present you a diet that is created by a famous cardiologist which will help you lose 10 kilos in only one week!

Cardiology is a part and branch of the medicine that studies the heart and the circulatory processes. So, before beginning some diet, we all have to visit our cardiologists in order to examine our heart. When there are changes happening to our body, some problems may also occur and our health will be in danger.

For people nowadays, one of the most common problems is how to lose weight. The excess of weight is also related with the majority of heart attacks, so this is one of the reasons why this cardiologist decided to create a diet that consists of exercises and will help you lose weight without causing any damage to your heart.

– This new diet recommended by the cardiologist is a great success

The breakfast during this diet regimen must be the same. It should consist of : 1 fruit (orange, peach, pear, watermelon, melon). You should also know that mustn’t have bananas or grapes for your breakfast!

– Day One

Lunch: 1 orange,1 boiled egg, 1 cup of yogurt (200 ml).

Dinner: 2 tomatoes or 2 dl of cooked tomatoes, 2 hard boiled eggs, ½ cucumbers or 1 small piece of lettuce, 2 pieces of rusk.

– Day Two

Lunch: 1 orange, 1 boiled egg, 1 cup of yogurt.

Dinner: 125 grams of beef (boiled), 1 tomato, 1 rusk, 1 orange, 1 cup of coffee or tea (sugar-free).

– Day Three

Lunch:1 boiled egg, 1 orange, A cup of yogurt, 1 cucumber or lettuce.

Dinner: 125 gr boiled beef, 1 orange, 1 rusk, 1 cup of tea or coffee (sugar-free).

– Day Four

Lunch: 125 grams of cow milk cheese,1 tomato, 1 rusk.

Dinner: 125 grams of beef (boiled), 2 tomatoes, 1 apple,1 rusk.

– Day Five

Lunch: 200 grams of boiled meat or fish, 1 tomato,1 rusk.

Dinner: ½ kilos boiled carrot, peas or potato.


– Cook the vegetables or meat without or with an extremely small amount of salt.

– Make a pause with the diet on the 6th and 7th day, and continue with it on the 8th day.

– While doing this diet, alcohol is completely forbidden.

You will lose from 5 to 10 pounds just five days after starting this diet plan. Start the diet for 3 times, with pause of 2 days (5 days diet + 2 days pause). The pause will help you in avoiding any side effects, but you will still lose up to 30 pounds. If you can resist eating every day, but not in Mondays, the pounds that you have had will never come back again.

 Have the following meals during the Mondays:

Breakfast: 1 cup of lemon juice (sugar-free).

Lunch: 1 apple, 1 rusk.

Dinner: 1 boiled egg, 1 tomato, 1 rusk.

You can eat all the mentioned foods hot or cold, as you prefer, but you must have them in the adequate order and you should not skip any of them. the diet plan will not work appropriately if you don’t eat the foods in the adequate order and if you substitute one food with another.

Source: http://healthyhouseideas.com