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This Exercise Is More Powerful Than 1,000 Sit-Ups: Spare 60 Seconds A Day And In Only A Month You Will Have A Flat Stomach


Sit – ups are the most disliked exercise by a lot of people, but yet there are also a lot of people that like to have a straight and sturdy stomach. Fortunately, for this purpose, some fitness experts have found a solution, which they claim is very useful and it replaces even a 1000 sit – ups. It is about a static exercise in which all the weight of the body, lays on the hands and toes, and the body has to be straight as a board.

While doing this exercise, the body cannot move an inch, and this is the way to a flat and sturdy stomach. It is also helpful for painless back, as the strong abdominal muscles support the spine.

So, by doing this exercise several times a week, for about ten minutes a day, you will gain better results than from doing 1000 sit – ups.

Remember! Before performing the exercise, you need to put your body in the right starting position, and you should also respect the following five points:

1. First, press your palms firmly on the floor and stretch your shoulders so that they are as distant from each other as possible, making sure that your neck is elongated. You need to put your hands in comfortable position, so they won’t loosen up.

2. Most of the work is done in the abdominal muscles, but you should also feel some “fire” in your legs. So, if you don’t have such a feeling, set your heels further relying on the toes of the feet so that the quadriceps are more tensed, and then squeeze your buttocks in order to activate the muscles in the lower body.

3. You need to hold the buttocks lower, not higher. Your body needs to look as a straight line, and not as a triangle.

4. Breathe in and out rhythmically, in order to make holding this body posture a bit easier.

5. In order to make sure that your body is straight, you can imagine a glass of water balancing on your lower back or that a ball rolls from the nape to heel without being stuck in the lower back.

How to do the exercise?

Your wrists should be in line with your shoulders, so to do that, press your hands and knees on the floor. Your back also needs to be straight. Then, lift your look for about 30 inches in front of you and face the floor with your nose. Make the back of your head parallel to the ceiling.

After making this position, extend your right leg to back so that the fingers are bent and then extend your left leg. When your body is in this position, its whole weight should be lying on your hands and toes.

Now tight up your entire midsection area muscles and hold that position for about 20 to 60 seconds. To make the thumbs touching while the knees are separated, you should lower your knees to the floor and sit on your heels.


After this, lower your torso to your thighs, while lightly touching the floor with your forehead. Then extend your arms fully in front of you and relax. You should repeat this exercise for three times. When performing it becomes much easier, you can extend the time for more than 60 seconds.

Source: http://www.healthyandviral24.com