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Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning – Mistake Millions Of people Make It


When we discuss lemons we can for the most part get the essence of them and we can also feel their harshness on our tongue as well. Consider that while you eat lemon, your lips may pucker up, you may make that entertaining shaking development with your mouth and your eyes may water as well.

As lemons are rich in vitamin C, a fresh lemon juice can very easily give your daily need of it. Lemons are also rich in potassium, magnesium and copper, as well as excellent electrolytes.

Lemons are sour, but as they can be very effective for our health, there is always a good, tasty and delicious way of enjoying in them.

The thing about it is that you just want to enjoy the health benefit from the whole lemon. But, this also includes the lemon’s peel, so when you order a hot water with lemon slices in it, for example in a restaurant, it is not going to be so beneficial as the following recipe:

Lemon water recipe

– Pick a few lemons from your tree, or if you don’t have, you can buy some organic lemons;

– Slice the lemons in half;

– Squeeze a little of each lemon into a cup of water, but not all;

– Grate some of the lemon rind into a zest;

– Add the zest to your water too;

– Place the remains of the lemon into a mug or travel cup;

– Fill with hot or boiling water, or ice water;

– Mix it all;

– Drink it and feel the health benefits.

How does the lemon water help?

By balancing the acidity into our stomach, the lemon water helps in digestion. It also helps in absorbing food and it can store insulin.

Lemon water also helps in boosting your metabolism. The first thing that you should do in the morning is to give the needed push to your GI tract, so it will erase constipation and will get rid of fluid retention.

Plus, all the vitamin C that lemons consist will help you in boosting your immunity and will cleanse your system.

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