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These Diseases Are All Caused by Microwave Ovens, And You’ve Probably Ignored Them!


Back in the World War II, two scientists have invented a special tube that produced microwave power, which was called the magnetron.

These microwaves had the ability to locate Nazi airplanes and foiled an attempted bombing, when they were combined within Britain’s radar system.

Percy LeBaron Spencer of the infamous Raytheon Company, several years later has found out that microwaves also actually cook food. What he actually discovered was that the radar waves actually melted a candy bar in his pocket. As a result of this, the first microwave oven was called the Radar Range and was massively oversized.

These strange beginnings help us by giving insight as to why more and more researchers are speaking out against microwaves.

Why are the microwaves dangerous?

Inside of ever microwave there are around 2.45 billion hertz, which is good if the seal on the microwave door is not leaking. The frequency amount which has been proven to harm the human body was just a measly 10 hertz. So, you need to be very careful and you should never ever stand a microwave that is on, as you can never actually know if your body is being harmed until after the fact.

How can a microwave harm our bodies?

– It can cause birth defects;
– Cancer;
– Cataracts;
– Compromised immunity;
– Lowered resistance to viral and bacterial infections;
– More prone to some illnesses in general.

What does the microwave oven do to our food?

– According to one study by Swiss scientist Hans Hertel’s microwaving degrades and depletes food of its nutrients;
– The radiation that comes from the microwave degrades and deforms the molecules in food, and it creates dangerous unwanted radioactive compounds;
– One study from the Search for Health in 1992, has researched the effects of the participants that consumed microwaved vegetables.

The research has demonstrated that they experienced:

– Dramatic rise in the cholesterol levels;
– Decrease in hemoglobin causing an anemic-like conditions;
– Decrease in the white blood cells;
– Increasing the leukocyte which indicates poisoning and cell damage;
– Microwaved breast milk lost 96% of its antibodies;
– Microwaved Infant formulas’ structure is damaged changing the components in amino acids, which creates immunological abnormalities

Even if your microwave is perfectly sealed, it is still risky and you can be exposed to harmful levels of electromagnetic fields, which can penetrate right through your body and it can also cause some serious health problems.

According to EPA, it is recommended a maximum exposure of about .5mG – 2.5mG of EMF.If you stand just 4 inches away from your food cooking in the microwave, you will be exposed to 100 – 500mG. By standing 3 feet away from the operating microwave, you will be exposed to 1 – 25mG. Either way, it poses a health risk.

Microwaves can also be faster and also more convenient than a conventional oven, but your nutritional needs and of your family will end up having to pay both financially and physically later on as a result.

The best thing for you will be to simply get rid of microwave.

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