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Dear Ladies : Please Stop Doing The Things That Your Intimate Parts Hate ! (+VIDEO)


There is a need of adequate care of the intimate area, in order to protect it and prevent bacteria from entering. There are numerous offers in the market that claim to improve the health, as well as to stop the odor in the intimate areas of women.

You should follow the next few tips, in order to take a proper care of your body:

– Mating

This is a kind of method, which involves sitting in a chair, while you smoke a bowl of tea from wormwood combined with other herbs. This is a Chinese practice, which actually allows the steam to enter into our body, it cleans the intimate area and uterus, and it also keeps the infections away from the body.

– Rinse

There are a lot of women that use gels for the intimate area, which are products utilizing water and cleaning agents. According to some doctors, it is recommended to stay away from these kinds of gels, as they may be the main reason for infections, they can lead to infertility and they are also linked to a lot of health problems. You should only clean the surface of the intimate area. You should also remember the rule of wiping from front to back when using the toilet and also to clean your intimate area using only hot water, while you take a shower.

– Fragrant soaps and detergents

In many women around the world, especially in teenage girls, one of the most common reasons for irritations in the genital area may be soaps, as they consist of chemicals that can irritate the sensitive skin. Also, the soap is made in order to break up oil, and it actually breaks up the oil which protects the skin, and in that way, it causes skin dryness. Because of this, use only hot water when you take a shower.

Remember these tips and don’t forget that you should take care of your intimate area, as it is very important.

Source: http://our-healthy-planet.com