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Your Bottled Water Is Filled With Fluoride! Learn What Brands To Avoid!


There has been a debate going on for years whether or not fluoride in drinking water is toxic to humans. Based on recent studies, high levels of fluoride can cause neurotoxicity in adults, resulting in negative impacts on memory and learning.

Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health and China

Medical University in Shenyang have discovered strong indications that fluoride affects the cognitive development in children. Consuming fluoridated water can cause some thyroid issues which often lead to obesity and depression.
Around 70% of public water supplies in the USA are fluoridated and it is available to everyone and its intake can not be controlled.

Drinking fluoridated water can have negative effects on oral health, interfere with the brain functioning, damage the pineal gland, affect thyroid functioning, damage bone and lower overall health.

It is very important to know which brands of bottled water are full of fluoride and you need to avoid
in order to keep yourself and your family safe from the affects of consuming too much fluoride.
High-risk bottled water brands include: Arrowhead, Belmont Spring, Crystal Rock, Crystal Springs, Deer Park, Diamond Springs, Ice Mountain, Mount Olympus, Ozarka, Poland Spring, Sierra Springs, Zephyrhills.

On the other hand there are number of fluoride-safe bottle companies such as: Arbor Springs, Aquafina Water, Aqua Pure, Black Berry Farms, Blue Ice Natural Mineral Water, Cascade, Century Springs, Clear Mountain, Spring Water, Crystal Spring Natural Spring Water, Dannon, Deja Blue, Eureka, Evian, Flowing Springs, Fresh Market, Glacier Bay, Hidden Valley Natural Mineral Water, Mountain Valley Spring Water, Oasis Pure Drinking Water, Polaris Water, Smart Water, Whole Foods 365.
Aside from fluoride risk, bottled water has also some other impacts on the health and the environment. Around 67 million water bottles are thrown away every single day which is causing huge amount of waste, also drinking form plastic bottles on regular basis can cause some other health risk due to the presence of BPA, an estrogen-mimicking chemical found in plastic.

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