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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Guava Leaves You Didn’t Know About!


Today, in this article, we are going to present you the heath benefits of guava leaves.

So, here they are:

1. It helps in losing weight

For this purpose, the carbs must be broken down into the liver, so the body can use them, and the guava leaves help in preventing the transition of carbohydrates to usable compounds.

2. It is beneficial for diabetics

The Yakult Central Institute in Japan, had conducted a research, in which it has been shown that the tea made from guava leaf is very effective in lowering the blood glucose in diabetics, as it reduces the alpha-glucosidase enzyme activity. Also, it can prevent the absorption of of sucrose and maltose by the body, and in that way it lowers the blood sugar levels. If you drink the tea from guava leaf, for 12 weeks, it will help you in lowering the blood sugar, and it won’t increase the insulin production.

3. It lowers cholesterol

According to some researches, it has been proven that consuming the tea from guava leaf for 3 months can help in reducing the LDL or bad cholesterol, as well as triglycerides without any adverse effect on good cholesterol. Also, the guava leaves are a great liver tonic.

4. It improves your immune system

As the guava leaves have great amount of vitamin C, it plays a very important role in improving our immune system. Our immune system is our body’s defense mechanism that protects it from numerous diseases and infections. In fact, what keeps you disease free is the guava’s anti-inflammatory action and its ability to inhibit inflammatory molecules like prostaglandins.

So, in order to develop resistance against common diseases like coughs, colds and the flu, you should consume 1 guava in a day. You can also add it and enjoy it in smoothies, salads, or you can also drink a cup of tea made from guava per day.

5. It lowers the risk of cancer

The present compounds in guava, such as lycopene, quercetin, vitamin C and various polyphenols, are the anticancer or antitumor properties of it. All these compounds work like potent antioxidants that help neutralize free-radical damage in the body, which can cause cancer. There was a study in 2010, published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer, in which the researchers concluded and showed that guava extract is very helpful in reducing the size of prostate tumors. Also, when you intake guava extract regularly, it may help in reducing the incidence of prostate cancer in men.

Also, the regular intake of guava can help in preventing some other types of cancer, like the breast, mouth, skin, stomach, colon and lung cancer.

6. It is beneficial in dengue fever

The leaves of guava are considered as the natural remedy for dengue fever. The reason for this is because the guava leaf extract can increase the number of platelets in the blood and is not toxic at all. So, in order to prepare this remedy, you should boil 9 pieces of guava leaves into 5 cups of water until just 3 cups of water are left. After the remedy strains and cools, the patient should be given a cup of it three times in a day.

7. For prostate cancer

In the case of prostate cancer and enlargement, guava leaves can be very helpful and beneficial.

8. For reduction of allergies

Guava leaves help in the preventing of the release of histamine. Also, the compounds that guava leaves contain are very effective in blocking all the allergic reactions.

9. It keeps our skin healthy

Guava, especially the red one, contains a very strong antioxidant properties, as they help in neutralizing free radicals that can damage our body at the cellular level.

All this may lead to signs of aging like wrinkled and saggy skin, dryness and a dull complexion. the vitamin C that guava contains, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which are the structural proteins that help in keeping the skin firm and elastic.

Also, the astringent properties in unripe guava and the guava leaves are very helpful in improving the skin texture, protecting it from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and it also prevents some problems like acne and pimples.

In order to enjoy healthy skin, eat guava every day. What you can also do is rinsing your skin with a decoction made of immature fruit and leaves.

Source: http://naturalcarebox.com