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Acupressure Techniques: Medicine-Free Cures


Acupressure is based on the old Chinese acupuncture and it is easy method to cure a lot of ailments, without the use of different painkillers. It is completely natural and it is working indeed.



For Nausea: You should use your thumb and your index and middle finger. You should put your thumb on the inside of your wrist and your index and middle finger on the outside. The thumb should be about two finger-widths down from the top crease. When you position the fingers thus, press firmly. It will have the same effect as a motion-sickness bracelet.


For Cramps: With your fingers try to find the spot between the lumbar spine and the tailbone, near the middle of the sacrum (it is a big triangular bone at the down-beginning of your spine). You should press this point firmly and in the meantime inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through the mouth. You will feel how the pain begins to diminish. Repeat this process several times a day, since the pain is gone completely.


For Hangover: Put your right thumb on the back of you left hand webbing (the place between your thumb and index finger), and your other fingers on the palm on the same point. Press firmly and repeat the process on the right hand.

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For Sinus Pressure: Put the index fingers on both sides of your nose. Press gently on the creases between your nose and cheeks, in line with your nostrils. Do not release you index fingers for about 3 minutes.


For Drowsiness: Firmly press the back of your knees using your index and middle fingers. If you feel really drowsy you can also tap the central part of the top of your head lightly. Then massage the back of your knees and the middle part of your feet.

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For Stiff Necks: With your fingers positioned behind the ears try to find the indention at the top of the jaw. When you find this part, firmly press it with yourmiddle and index fingers, and do that on both sides of your neck at the same time, as it is shown in the picture below. While still pressing tilt your heard backwards. You should feel how the pain begins to subside.


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For Indigestion: Place all of your fingers below the bottom of your ribs and move them inwards so that they are in line with your eyes. Then curl your fingers a bit and press firmly down and in and breathe deeply. Do not press up and under.
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For Headache: You should firmly press the area between your pinky and fourth toe on your foot if the headache is concentrated on the sides of your head. For a headache which is concentrated on the front of your head, do the same as for a hangover.