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9 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Having S*x


You should be very careful if you are going through a period of s*xual abstinence, because it can cause you several problems.Your v@gina is going to grow cobwebs, there will roll tumbleweeds across your pelvic floor and nobody will be more able to get into your intimate bits again.

You will need a crowbar and sacrificial goat. Well, of course none of the saying before is true, of course. There are no such consequences as those mentioned before, but there will for sure be a physical consequence for not having s*x for a while, and many of them are basically negatively focused, which means that you are for sure not getting the health benefits the s*x often brings.

We also know that all this maybe sucks, but you are not going to freeze up and grow another hymen.
You will be still able to ever go near another person’s s*xual organs and you won’t die unexpectedly of
s*xual frustration.

Lifelong celibacy is a different prospect than expressing s*x as well as stopping it. According to a study in 2001, if you had s*x previously and now you aren’t, than understandably you are more prone to
depression and disappointment. The impacts do go beyond mental annoyance and longing. Maybe
celibacy has effects on our body and is hardly life – threatening, but they will for sure not be a obstacle for our next s*xual adventure.

Read the following things, and you will know what happens to your body after you stop having s*x often. Most of them are not so good, but they won’t kill you of course. Here are:

1. You won’t get “tighter”

In the moment when you will stop having s*x, it won’t make you “tighter”. It is an urban myth, because
the sensation of tightness in your v@gina is not influenced by the number of s*xual partners. So, taking a break from s*x won’t re – virginize you. That also means that the sayings that you have heard in the bathrooms in middle school about your hymen growing back again, are for sure not true. Maybe the
tissues of your v@gina will get out of the habit of relaxing in response to arousal or insertion, but don’t worry about that, because if they are coached again the next time you will have s*x, they will

2. Men are more likely to have an erectile dysfunction

This could be a very interesting topic and discovery, but just if you are a woman. If you are a man and
you haven’t had s*x for a long period, this discovery will possibly not be welcome. The absence of s*x
could increase the likelihood of erectile dysfunction in men. This study focuses mostly on older men, but it is also important for everybody that is not s*xually active, because a regular s*xual activity has a positive effect on men’s erections. Another important thing is that regular ejaculations can help men to avoid prostate cancer.

3. Vulnerable immune system

S*xual activity affects positively on our body immune function. But if you are not s*xual active, then you won’t get those benefits. Because of that your immune system will be weaker ad it will be more prone to illnesses and infections.

4. Your libido may drop

By not having s*x for a long period, it significantly reduces your libido, so it will make you to want less and less s*x over time.