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8 Things Your Eyes Are Trying To Tell You About Your Health


Our body is a pretty amazing thing. When something that is not quite right happens, your body always finds a way of sending you some signals, in order to give you heads up. The most common way that your body lets you know that something is not right, comes through your eyes. You can believe it, or you don’t have to, but your eyes can act as a window into your health.

In this article we are going to present you eight eyes conditions and we will also tell you what they mean when it comes to the health.

1. A Persisting Stye

Stye’s can sometimes be very painful and irritating, but the good thing is that they usually disappear in just few days. But, having a stye that hasn’t cleared up to three months, it can be a sign of rare cancer which is also known as the sebaceous gland carcinoma. This also may be true about a stye that keeps occurring in the same location.

2. Eyebrow Hair Loss

Losing hair can happen as a result of a lot of things. So, when the outer part of your eyebrow starts to disappear, it can be a sign for some more serious problem. Losing eyebrow hair may be a sign of some thyroid disease.

3. Blurry Vision

If you use your computer of phone very regularly, you may experience burning eyes or blurry vision. So, when your vision becomes blurry, while you stare at your computer or phone, it is about a computer vision syndrome. Because of the lack of contrast on the computer screen, combined with the extra work of focusing on pixels, your eyes become strained.

4. A Blind Spot

When you have a small blind spot in your vision, you should not ignore it, as it may have a deeper meaning. When you start experiencing a blind spot with shimmering lights or a wavy line, it may be as a result of migraine aura. Blind spots may also be accompanied by headache.

5. Bulging Eyes

Your eyes can definitely play some tricks with you. When you start feeling some bulging sensation in your eyes, it may be connected with your thyroid gland. An overactive thyroid gland, known as hyperthyroidism, can be the most common reason for protruding eyes.

6. Whites Of The Eyes Turn Yellow

This is a condition which is known as jaundice. It mostly appears in newborns, as they have immature liver function, but it can also affect the adults and in that case, it will be a sign of liver, gallbladder or bile duct problems.

7. Blurred Vision In A Diabetic

Those that suffer from diabetes are at a high risk of having several different eye problems. The most common of them is diabetic retinopathy. This kind of condition may affect the circulatory system of the eye. Among the American adults, it is one of the most common leading cause of blindness.

8. Double Vision, Dim Vision Or Vision Loss

You should visit a health care professional immediately after you experience sudden double vision, dim vision or loss of vision, as all of them are warning signs of a stroke.

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