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8 Sleeping Positions That Couples Should Not Do In The Bedroom!


The sleeping position has an important role in keeping our mind free from stress and keeping us fit, because in that way the physical and mental stress are reduced. You will not receive the proper rest if you don’t sleep properly, so your body won’t have the ability to function normal. Another important thing is the position you sleep in together with your partner. Here are some sleeping positions which should be avoided when you sleep with your partner:

1. The first position on our list is the so called The Medusa and it can be really uncomfortable for your partner.

2. The second position is known as the headlock. You are maybe not aware what are you doing during sleeping, but try your best to avoid this position.

3. The third position is known as the BOA constructor, and with this position you will leave your partner without sleep, as well as without oxygen.

4. The fourth position is called the fugitive position and it is one of the most common sleeping positions which many of the couples face with. You should try sticking to your side of the bed.

5. Try to keep your pets away from your bed, or you should also try to not let them to be the leaders in your bed.

6. You know the feeling when someone puts something cold on you, right? So, that’s why you should avoid putting your cold feet on your partner.

7. You should not pick up the blanket which is meant for the both of you. You should not be selfish person!

8. Sleeping on your stomach has some negative effects on your health, so remember to avoid this position, together with your partner.

Source: http://healthadviceteam.com