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8 Hand Signs Yoga Masters Use To Get Rid Of Migraines, Anxiety, And Depression


One of the favorite exercise among millions of people is yoga, as it provides countless health benefits, and also helps in relaxing and soothing our mind, and make us feel much better. There has also been a scientifically prove that the regular practicing of yoga can boost the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system.

This kind of boosting, provides relaxation and it is also in charge of the ‘rest and digest’ mode of the body. Practicing yoga is a very effective thing and it is better that some other traditional exercises. It also helps in reducing stress, targeting your mental well-being, as well as in treating some issues related to our memory, depression and anxiety. Through the breathing patterns, meditation and some simple gestures, you can also boost your awareness.

So, in order to treat your problems, we are going to present you 8 essential hand mudras. They will not take much of your time, so you can perform them at anytime, and in your own home.

Mudras are some kind of finger and hand ritual gestures which can be adopted during meditation or pranayama (breathing exercises). They have been often mentioned and desctibed in the ancient scripts, as well as Hindu and Buddhist images. They also involve the entire body when they are performed.

According to the beliefs of the yogic tradition, mudras direct the energy flow to the body and trigger various brain areas. They also treat different ailments and have the ability to support our overall health. In the esoteric context, each of the fingers is connected with some natural element, such as earth, air, water, fire and ether (space).

In the lines below, you can read about the eight mudras which can be very useful in treating migraines, anxiety, and depression, as well as in supporting our overall health:

1. Prana Mudra – Mudra of Life

This is crucial mudra which balances the energy of the body, strengthens our immune system and revitalizes the body as well. It can be also very helpful in treating eyesight issues and insomnia. It is beneficial during fasting as it reduces hunger pangs.

Instructions for Prana Mudra:

Using the tips of the ring and the little finger, touch the tip of your thumb, and keep the other two fingers straight. You can perform it in anytime of the day when you would like to. For providing lots of energy, do this mudra regularly.

2. Prithvi Mudra – Mudra of Earth

If you feel very exhausted and you are stressed, you should perform this mudra, as it will help in reducing the weakness, improve the digestion, and boost the blood circulation.

Instructions for Prithvi Mudra:

First, put the tips of the ring finger and the thumb together, and press. Let the other three fingers extended. You should perform this mudra in the morning, for much better results.

3. Agni Mudra – Mudra of Fire

This type of mudra is also known as the Surya Mudra (Mudra of the Sun). It is very useful in treting anxiety, weight issues and it helps digestion. It also has the ability to stimulate the thyroid gland.

Instructions for Agni Mudra:

First, you should bend the ring finger and press the base of the thumb against its second phalanx and keep the other fingers stretched out. Perform this mudra in the morning, on an empty stomach and you should sit while you perform it. Hold for 5-10 minutes, twice in one day. But remember that you should not overdo it in the case of hot weather.

4. Apanu Vaya Mudra – Mudra of the Heart

For those people that in some point of their life have suffered from heart attack, this mudra can be very useful, because it can significantly strengthen the heart.

Instructions for Apanu Vaya Mudra:

What you will need to do is to touch the tip of the thumb with the tips of the middle finger, as well as the ring finger. The index finger should touch the base of the thumb and press a bit, and the little finger should be stretched out. Perform this mudra daily, holding for 5 minutes.

5. Gyan Mudra – Mudra of Knowledge

When it comes to increasing the knowledge, enhancing the concentration and improving of our memory, this mudra is perfect for that purposes. It can also help in cases of insomnia, and it has the ability to stimulate the pituitary and endocrine glands.

Instructions for Gyan Mudra:

This kind of mudra is common in meditation. Fpr doing it, touch the tip of the thumb against the tip of the index finger, and stretch out the other three fingers, or keep them a bit bent. Perform this mudra in the morning, while you sit, stand or lay down, for much better results.

6. Varun Mudra – Mudra of Water

This kind of mudra provides a lot of skin benefits, as it moisturizes it, and it also regulates the fluids in our body.

Instructions for Varun Mudra:

While slightly touching the tips of the thumb and little finger, keep the rest of the fingers stretched out. Be careful not to press the nail of the little finger, in order to prevent dehydration. Perform this mudra while you sit, at any time of the day you will want to. But if you suffer from some problems like asthma or other respiratory issues, avoid doing this mudra.

7. Vayu Mudra – Mudra of Air

This type of mudra has excellent benefits in the case of chronic rheumatic conditions, gout, paralysis, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and cervical spondylitis, as it releases the excess air from your stomach.

Instructions for Vayu Mudra:

Every finger has three bones known as the phalanges, but only the thumb has two. First, hold the index finger and put the base of the thumb against its distal phalanx (the bone near the tip of the finger). The thumb should be placed on the index finger and you should press slightly. The rest of the fingers should be stretched out.

In order to relieve pain, perform this mudra in any time during the day and hold for 45 seconds. When there is prolonged use, it may lead to an imbalance of the body, so you should stop performing it when your desired results are achieved.

8. Shunya Mudra – Mudra of Emptiness

Ant the last type of mudra will be very helpful in the case of earaches or hearing problems.
Instructions for Shunya Mudra:

First, bend the middle finger, then put the thumb over it, and press the distal phalanx (the bone close to the tip of the finger) of the middle finger with the base of the thumb. The rest of the fingers need to be stretched out.

You should be focused on alleviating an earache completely and stop performing this mudra, as soon as the pain is gone.

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