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I Am 60 Years Old And This Plant Returned My Vision, Removed Fat From My Liver, And Completely Cleaned My Colon


Maintaining good health is not such an easy job. Over the time, our organs and body functions deteriorate, which leads to problems like loss of vision or colon obstruction. Sometimes, too much fat can accumulate in our liver and that can cause us a lot of problems, which can also affect our overall health.

Fortunately, there is one natural ingredient which can help us and that’s beets.

Beetroot is a European reddish vegetable which is mainly consumed raw, or in salads as well. Just a few people like its taste, but it is important to know that beets have a lot of health benefits, such as cleaning the fat from our liver, preventing colon obstructions, as well as helping in regaining our eyesight. But, this does not stop here. In the lines below, we are going to show you some more health benefits of beets.

Health benefits of beets

Beets can improve your blood circulation, as well as reinforce your cardiovascular system, while also providing your body with enough energy for the whole day. This vegetable also contains betaine and tryptophan, which are rare substances that can calm down your nerves and fight stress as well.

Beets also have anti – inflammatory properties, as well as high antioxidant content, which can fight free radicals in our body, and also improve our overall health. In the lines below we are going to show you how to prepare a healthy beetroot salad which you can eat every day.

Needed ingredients:

– 3 organic beets;
– 2 organic onions;
– 1 tablespoon organic coconut oil;
– 1 teaspoon organic apple cider vinegar;
– 1 teaspoon Himalayan sea salt.


First peel the beets and then cook them in water, with a pinch of salt. After they are cooked, chop them into small slices and put them in a bowl. After that, chop the onion and mix it with the beets.

Add some coconut oil, vinegar and salt. At the end, sprinkle the salad with some vinaigrette, and leave it like that for an hour.

Afterwards, you can serve the delicious and tasty salad. It is an amazing salad which will clean your colon and liver, as well as improve your eyesight. This salad will also do much more for your health, so we suggest you to eat some of it, every single day.

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